How much should you spend on an Engagement Ring?

You’ve probably heard of the “three month’s salary” rule, which states that you should spend three month’s income on an engagement ring to show her you love her. At MADLY, we don’t subscribe to this. We think that the best engagement ring is one which you/both of you loved designing, love looking at, and love wearing. A treasure that is meaningful to the two of you, and that’s where its value lies; not in its price. Besides, a ring is not just a monetary investment, it’s a sparkly symbol of your love. We just want you to walk out of our studio feeling that you’ve made the best purchase you’ve ever made, because you’ve bought the ring of your partner’s dreams. 

But since most of our clients are Singaporean, and to us, it’s all about the $$$ (or, at least a lot of it!), a design driven ring at MADLY starts at around $3,500. The best part about bespoke is that the choice is yours! Give us a colour, and we can probably recommend a beautiful stone which will suit your budget. Your budget is a good one if it’s what you can afford, and which you’re comfortable with. 

A better question to ask is probably: How do I buy a ring which she’ll love within a budget that I’m comfortable with? 

You may have heard of the ‘4Cs’ — Carat, Colour, Cut and Clarity, which are the ways in which white Diamonds are graded. For coloured gemstones, because you’re comparing different gem types along with quality, colour and size, it’s difficult to, if not impossible to compare coloured gems in the same way since you’d be comparing completely different gem types; like comparing pineapples to mangosteens!  

Gem type, colour, size and quality are generally what affect the price of a gemstone. MADLY is proud of the fact that our gems are of the finest quality; the top 0.1% of gemstones of its type in the market. The most obvious visual commonality between gems of different types is colour. So, if you are looking for a pinky-peach stone, you could pick a Padparadscha Sapphire, a Spinel, Malaia Garnet or a Morganite! Each piece has their own characteristics and each type varies in rarity (most of the gems I’d listed are more rare than Diamonds, and all are far more unique!), it’s precisely this range of options which makes coloured gemstones so appealing to young couples. It means we can find a stone that both your partner, and your wallet will love.

That’s why the first step to any bespoke process is the budget! Then, we can select and pick out the most suitable stones in your preferred colour/s and tailor a piece to your specifications and style.   

Gem selection is always first, followed by the design. Think of it as choosing the bride before the dress and not the other way around, because there are many different dresses but only one love-of-your-life. Same as a gemstone. No two are alike. 🙂

Once a gem has been selected, you will then work with one of our designers to realize your vision for this ring. The crafting process normally takes 9-12 weeks from the point of design confirmation, so do start early to give us as much time as possible to ensure the best possible work!

Before you make an appointment with us, please do shop around and make MADLY your LAST STOP. This is because we pride ourselves in carrying some of the world’s finest gemstones, and unless you have seen what’s out there, it is hard to appreciate the rarity and quality of the gems we carry, make a fair comparison and purchase the best ring for your partner.