How to choose the perfect engagement ring

This is a very exciting time and a LIFE-CHANGING time! You’re choosing a person to spend the rest of your life with! Amongst your first home, and car or motorcycle, an engagement ring is probably one of your first big ticket purchases and it’s ok to be nervous, unsure or even clueless

That’s why it’s so important to choose a reputable jeweller – one that you’re comfortable with, and who will happily answer all your questions, patiently. 


Let’s get the biggest and hardest part out of the way first. What’s your budget? 

Whether it’s 2500 or 25,000 – whatever YOU can afford is the best budget, don’t overspend because there will always be other jewellery pieces along the way! There’s never not an occasion to treat the love of your life to something sparkly. Let’s be real — you chose each other for reasons other than a sparkly ring! 


Now let’s talk about colour

Does she have a favourite colour? What’s her personality? Her style? Is there a specific moment in your relationship that made you KNOW that she was the one? Maybe your first date was at the Botanic Gardens and you want a gem that’s the same grassy green or the same blue of the sky that day…

With coloured gemstones, you can say it all because coloured gemstones are all completely unique, they can tell your personal love story. Gemstones come in every colour of the rainbow — there’s grey spinels if she’s more of a monochrome kinda gal, there’s the classic Blue Sapphire but don’t forget the extremely rare and breathtakingly beautiful Padparadscha. Or the GLOWING hot pink Mahenge Spinels, or rich, foresty green Tourmalines– your choices are endless!


What kind of lifestyle do you lead? 

Is she endearingly clumsy or is she very careful with her hands? Do you think she’ll wear this ring everyday or only for special occasions? This would affect the choice of gemstones and perhaps, design. Some gemstones like Emerald or Paraiba typically have natural characteristics, and they’re especially loved for them! They tend to be more brittle and fragile for dailywear, but that said ALL gemstones, even Diamonds can chip and break if hit at certain angles — there’s a big difference between hardness (ability to withstand scratches) and toughness (ability to chip and break)



Think hard or consult her about the setting 

A beautiful stone is half the battle won, but it really is just HALF! With bespoke, the options for the ring design are endless. You can weave layers of meaning into the design, reflect the style of the person who’s wearing it or even hide details in the gallery or the underside of the ring! 


And then the details

There’s the type of metal– in fine jewellery, it’s usually 18K gold or platinum/ and if it’s gold, what colour suits your skin tone? (There’s rose yellow white and even champagne gold), then there’s the type of setting — prong or bezel or even half bezel… again, this is where an experienced design team can help. 


Whatever your considerations may be, remember that this is supposed to be one of the most exciting times of your life so breathe, have fun and listen to your gut feel because often, the stone chooses you as much as you choose it. The perfect ring is not just one that she loves, but also one that you’re proud to have chosen. Because hey — this ring is as much about you as it is about her!