Make Way for the MADLY Mobile!

At MADLY, our commitment to taking care of our people shines through in every aspect of our work.

Whether it’s the communities we’ve partnered with through ethical sourcing, the valued clients who step into our doors, or the dedicated MADLY team (just ask them!), caring for others is at the heart of all we do (besides gems, of course).

So what better way to bring a smile to the wider community than with a cheeky umbrella giveaway to tide everyone through the rainy days ahead? 

In our recent rogue marketing campaign, we brought out the MADLY Mobile for a spin while handing out some limited-edition umbrellas designed with our iconic MADLY aesthetic!

Over the past few weeks, the MADLY Mobile made its way downtown, CBD and Orchard Road bound! We’ve teased it for months, and it finally made its appearance to an enthusiastic welcome from all who came across it.

I mean look at it (and its rider), how can you not crack a grin upon seeing it?

Yes, you heard right — free brollies for everyone!

Eurasian and Asian girl under a blue umbrella, next to a Japanese man, making the peace sign with a bicycle cart in the background along Orchard Road

Perfect for protection from the sweltering heat of Singapore.

We hope we managed to bring a smile to your face with this little campaign. Didn’t get to catch the MADLY Mobile in action? Well, we promise this isn’t the last you’ve seen of it… Stay tuned!