Beauty Beyond Gemstones: An Evening with NAIIAN

At MADLY, we’ve always believed that we’re more than just jewellers. The MADLY experience is an all-encompassing journey, one that involves sharing intimate stories with all our cherished clients and celebrating the significant milestones in their lives. It’s about creating connections that transcend the brilliance of our gemstones. 

When luxury Korean American skincare brand NAIIAN came under our radar, we just knew we had to share it with our clients. After all, just like our gems, only the top 0.1% will do!

To introduce our clients to NAIIAN, we hosted an intimate soirée at our showroom, with the NAIIAN team joining us for this cosy session.

One of the highlights of the evening was the introduction of NAIIAN’s groundbreaking Microneedle Rolling System. This innovative skincare tool features a needling tip that dissolves seamlessly into the skin, promising unparalleled results in skincare.

NAIIAN's signature products, Eye and Face Serum and Microneedle Rolling System.

It was evident from the enthusiastic response of our guests that they were as intrigued as we were by this groundbreaking skincare innovation.

Event attendees enjoying NAIIAN and MADLY's product demonstrations.

Moreover, our guests not only had the opportunity to discover NAIIAN’s exceptional skincare products but also to experience them firsthand. We know we had competition when they left with a glow rivalling our finest gemstones!

A customer trying NAIIAN's Microneedle Rolling System.

Each guest received an exclusive door gift, including the innovative Microneedle Rolling System, allowing them to extend the luxury to their own skincare routines at home.

A close-up shot of the contents of NAIIAN's Microneedle Rolling System. Each one includes a roller and 3(three) Microneedling Cartridge Tips individually packaged for one-time use.

Our soirée with NAIIAN was more than just an event; it was a testament to our shared commitment to offering our clients nothing but the best. Just as MADLY has always strived to exceed expectations with our bespoke creations, NAIIAN’s dedication to skincare excellence aligns seamlessly with our vision of luxury.

Happy MADLY clients looking at gemstones.