A Look Back: MADLY’s Insightful Session at YPO’s Alternative Asset Series with Sotheby’s

It’s hard to believe that a whole year has passed since MADLY was part of the YPO Alternative Asset Series, a noteworthy event in our colourful world, alongside the renowned auction house, Sotheby’s. This wasn’t just any regular industry meet-up; it was a deep dive into the fascinating universe of gemstones, and it happened right here during Luxury Week, at Singapore’s Regent Hotel.


The Spotlight on Coloured Gems: A Dialogue with the Experts

In a rare gathering of minds, MADLY founder, Maddy Barber was privileged to join forces with Jasmine Prasetio, VP and MD SEA of Sotheby’s, and Kristian Spofforth, Head of Department, London Jewellery, Sotheby’s. With over 15 years as a jewellery specialist, Kristian brought insights from his experiences with iconic collections, including the Harry Winston collection and its Star of Sierra Leone brooch, and the illustrious Marie Antoinette pearl. His expertise in unique coloured diamonds and gemstones like the CTF Pink Star and the Farnese Blue added invaluable depth to the discussion.


Trends and Market Movements

The dialogue took us through the changes in the gemstone and jewellery market over the last 5-10 years and how these shifts have influenced gemstone values. What’s hot, what’s apparently rare versus what’s truly rare and more importantly, where are things going in terms of market trends? These were some of the burning questions we addressed, offering attendees a clearer picture of this complex marketplace.


Design Matters in Value

One standout moment for us was when Kristian Spofforth emphasized the significance of design in determining the overall value of a piece. He highlighted that jewellery from a reputable brand like MADLY is not valuable solely due to the materials it is made of. The design, craftsmanship, and the entire creative process all contribute significantly to the appeal and, ultimately, the market value of a piece. This is at the heart of what drives us every day at MADLY; we’re not just in the business of selling stones. Instead, we pour our passion into crafting meaningful, bespoke treasures that go beyond mere accessories. Every unique piece we create is a personal emblem of the wearer’s story, a timeless work of art that holds deep emotional connections and celebrates individual journeys. For us, jewellery is more than an adornment – it’s a narrative in precious form, a legacy set in stone and metal, and a testament to the beauty and resilience of human connections.


Starting a Collection? Listen Up!

For those new to gemstones and eager to learn or start collecting, the talk was a treasure trove of advice. Attendees gained practical tips for smart buying, from balancing safe bets with more adventurous investments to understanding the unique pricing of coloured gems. It’s heartening to see that several attendees, now our friends, have since ventured into the realm of alternative assets with MADLY, choosing beautiful, tangible pieces to both wear and cherish.


Don’t Forget Insurance

We wrapped up the session with a universal nugget of wisdom — the smart step of insuring those precious pieces. Because when it comes down to it, the value of these items isn’t just about dollars and cents; it’s also about sentimental worth.


Keeping It Real, One Year On

As we reflect on this proud moment, we’re reminded why MADLY is more than just a jeweller. We’re a community of enthusiasts, artists, and advisors, all rolled into one. We’re here to guide you through the dazzling world of gemstones, minus the jargon or sales-y vibes.

Reflecting on the past year, we’re grateful for the opportunity to have shared our insights and passion at this prestigious event. As we move forward, we’re as committed as ever to keeping it real, sharing our love for gemstones, and providing you with the honest advice you’ve come to expect from us.

Here’s to another year of rare beauties, memorable stories, and genuine connections!