Does Gemstone Origin Matter?

For many jewellery enthusiasts, their choice gemstones would be a velvety blue Sapphire from Kashmir, Burmese Pigeon Blood Ruby, Colombian Emerald or Russian Alexandrite– rare gemstones made even more prestigious by their country of origin. Some even go further to seek out specific mines, like Santa Maria Aquamarine, Muzo Emerald or Luc Yen Spinel. The belief that a gemstone’s provenance is synonymous with quality has been deeply ingrained in the minds of many.

To an extent, a gemstone’s origin does play a factor in its value and valuation, and perhaps that’s due to the magical allure of being part of a historic find. However, for example, saying that all Colombian Emeralds are of a higher quality than all Zambian Emeralds is simply false

At MADLY, we firmly believe that a gem’s origin should not be the main factor dictating its desirability. Numerous clients have come to us in search of gemstones from specific geographic locales, only to be captivated by ones from entirely different regions!

Paraiba Tourmalines, for instance, are named after Paraiba, the mining region in Brazil where they were first discovered. However, besides Brazil, these ultra-rare, Copper-bearing Tourmalines are also found in Nigeria and Mozambique. Some say that Brazilian Paraibas have a superior hue, and perhaps that was true in previous years but nowadays, African Paraiba Tourmalines are comparable alternatives at a far more competitive price point. Even Mozambique Ruby, which for years has been seen as less premium than Burmese Ruby, now holds the crown for the most expensive gemstone ever auctioned

The problem with a fixation on origin is that it overlooks the fact that each gemstone is unique. Each gemstone should be determined by its individual characteristics, and not be tied down solely by origin.

We often proclaim that ‘colour is king’ at MADLY. A gemstone’s colour is its defining feature, drawing you in and capturing your heart. While historic sources may boast remarkable hues, exceptional colours can be found in gems from any source. Mother Nature, after all, does not discriminate.

So, when it comes to choosing gemstones, let your eyes guide you, and your heart be your compass. It’s a mistake to limit your choices based on location! If you’re ready to kickstart your gemstone journey, we’re here to help you navigate it.

THAT BEING SAID… if gemstone origin is still of importance to you, as members of the International Coloured Stone Association’s Ethical Accreditation program, we’re able to trace our stones back to the source, providing you peace of mind ensuring you know precisely where it comes from!