How to Determine Her Ring Size

How do I find out their engagement ring size secretly?

You’ve picked the place, you’ve chosen the gem, you’ve found her Pinterest board of engagement ring inspiration. But… what about her ring size? Is all your effort trying to keep this momentous surprise under wraps wasted?! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

  1. Rummage through her jewellery box
    “Borrow” one of her rings for a day and bring it down to MADLY to get it sized! But don’t pick her favourite one, or she might freak out when she can’t find it! Try to take note of the finger she usually wears it on, because different fingers have different sizes. Often, the non-dominant hand is slightly smaller as well.
  2. Enlist a Friend
    More often than not, if you’re getting engaged in the near future, you also have friends who are planning on it too. Ask her friends to invite your partner along for some ring scouting, and subtly persuade her to find out her ring size too! Then, have them report their findings back to you… Make sure to pick a friend who’s a good actor and won’t spoil the surprise!
  3. Agak-agak
    We at MADLY have created soooo many rings that we can more or less estimate your partner’s ring size from photos. So just flash us your phone wallpaper or Instagram and we can figure it out. If you can take a photo of her hand next to yours, that would help too!
  4. Just ask
    A lot of couples kinda already know they’re going to get married. You’ve had the marriage talk, you’re waiting on your BTO, so it’s no surprise that you’re thinking of sealing the deal with a colourful sparkler. You welcome you and your partner to come in, or we can give you one to take home, and we’ll also show you how to use it. Make sure to do it in the evening, and when her hand is nice and warm!

Most importantly, don’t fret! Don’t let the stress of getting the ring size right spoil your proposal. Plus, if it’s a little loose or a little tight, we can always resize it for you, obligation free.