How to pick an Heirloom worthy piece of jewellery

How do you pick an Heirloom worthy piece of jewellery?

Some people say that an heirloom worthy piece of jewellery has to be a classic design that never goes out of style, with rare gems that increase in value. But is this really true? A piece with broad appeal makes sense when you’re looking to eventually sell it, since just like anything else, the value of your gemstone is what the market will pay for it. But for precious heirlooms, most of us would hardly fathom selling something that’s been in the family for generations.

We pass on possessions that tie the generations together as they move through the family, changing hands and adding layers of new meaning each time. With every memory and milestone made with that piece on our finger or around our neck, the jewellery piece becomes more and more meaningful to us. And that’s part of the reason why we’d want to pass these pieces on — in hopes that our loved ones will create more momentous moments with a piece of ‘you’, even if you can’t be around.

So, if a piece was custom made to exemplify you, with all your quirks, milestones and loves embedded, how much more meaningful would it be?
Whether the piece is timeless, or a design that only you love, it is their sentimental value that makes them precious. This value only multiplies if you love it, wear it, and make fond memories with it sparkling on your finger. That’s for certain.