Why are Tourmalines often cut as rectangles?

If you’ve ever visited MADLY and checked out our extensive Tourmaline collection, you may have noticed that Tourmalines often come in rectangle cuts more frequently than any other type of cut.

The best gem cutters understand that each stone has an ideal shape that helps bring out its true potential. And for Tourmalines, that shape happens to be rectangles — here’s why!


The number one reason is because it’s practical!

Tourmalines grow in long, elongated clusters with flat sides. Thus, rectangles just make sense, since it utilises the natural formation of the crystals to its advantage. This helps to make the most of the rough weight for a bigger, bolder stone!


When it comes to coloured gems, it’s all about that vibrant hue! With that in mind, gems are cut to maximise their captivating colour and clarity. And for Tourmalines, the rectangular cut works like a charm to achieve just that!

Certain colours of Tourmaline are also more likely to have a rectangle cut. 

For example, Watermelon Tourmalines are cut in rectangles to showcase its unique colour zoning of pink or red centre surrounded by a green outer layer. Aligning the table facet parallel to the crystal’s length, helps capture and display this stunning colour contrast more effectively.

Optical properties

Tourmalines are pleochroic; they exhibit different colours when viewed in different crystal directions.

Tourmalines tend to absorb more light down the length of the crystal than across it — the result is a much darker colour when you look down its length. Rectangle cuts help emphasise this play of colours, making for a much more exciting stone.


While rectangle cuts are indeed the most common choice for Tourmalines, here at MADLY, we take pride in offering the widest variety of coloured gems in Singapore, including Tourmalines with a diverse range of cuts.

So, whether you’re drawn to rectangles or eager to explore other captivating cuts, MADLY has it all!