Three oval-cut grey spinels in varying sizes, with the middle one being the largest

Why You Should Consider a Grey Spinel for Your Next Jewellery Piece

When you think of ‘coloured gems’, bright, vibrant pops of colour probably come to mind. After all, colour is king when it comes to coloured gems. Well, I’m here to tell you a dark horse that you should seriously consider for your next piece — the Grey Spinel!

While white Diamond is the default ‘neutral’ gem that can match any outfit, we say grey Spinel is equally versatile, and also a more unique choice! Desaturated colours may not have been conventionally popular in the gemstone market, but in recent years, there has been a growing interest in gems with more subdued hues (we say it’s about time!).  

Just like how a pure white, D colour Diamond is harder to find than JKLMNO colour Diamond with yellow, grey or brown hues, a pure grey Spinel without secondary undertones of blue or lilac will be the hardest to procure.

Trillion-cut grey spinel embraced by a curving diamond pave band in yellow gold, featuring custom-cut diamonds along the rim of the band.

Unlike Sapphire or Ruby, Spinel is rarely subjected to heat treatments, or any treatment at all! So when you own a Grey Spinel, you can be sure that its mesmerising shades are straight from Mother Nature herself.

Cushion cut grey spinel earring studs adorned with a floral marquise diamond spray, set against a blue background.

Spinels are also known to be SUPER sparkly and display a brilliance and fire that is comparable to that of a Diamond! Who can say no to that?

Oval grey spinel flanked by Cadillac diamonds of varying sizes on each side

If you’re looking to create a subtle, understated piece, Grey Spinel is the perfect fit. Set it against white metals to match its cool tones, or turn up the rock ‘n roll glam with black gold or even titanium. This gem’s subtle beauty is perfectly dressed up or down, be it as a sleek ring, an elegant pendant, or a timeless pair of earrings.

Asymmetric dangle ear studs and earrings featuring square-cut grey spinels and hexagon step fancy cut tanzanite with three baguette diamonds at each corner.

There’s no ‘right’ colour for a stone, only what’s right for you, so why don’t you pick out a silver grey Spinel instead of a white Diamond for a twist on the expected?

Stack ring featuring a combination of oval red spinel and pear-cut grey spinel, designed with a ribbon-like diamond pave band adorned with star motifs.